Haylou RS4 Plus Debuts: Full Screen with Huge Impact
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Smart watches are said to be the most popular technology products nowadays. Recently, Haylou, which has produced numerous classic technology products, has brought us a cooler product with 60Hz refresh rate, 105 workout modes, multiple UI operations and more. News about HAYLOU RS4 Plus quickly hit the internet and attract many digital enthusiasts.



HAYLOU RS4 Plus is an upgraded version of HAYLOU RS4 and is designed for young people who care about health, technology, and love fitness. Compared to HAYLOU RS4, HAYLOU RS4 Plus has significant changes in technology, design, and functions.


HAYLOU RS4 Plus has better visual experience with 60Hz high refresh rate. It is welly known that the higher the screen refresh rate is, the smoother the picture quality will be. Delicate display can reduce pressure on the eyes. Therefore, 60Hz refresh rate is the best configuration for an advanced smart watch.


In addition to the 60Hz high refresh rate, HAYLOU RS4 Plus also features three kinds of UI view modes: standard view, waterfall view and the brand-new cellular view modes for easy and simple interaction. Users can change different interfaces according to their moods, preferences and scenarios.


As a flagship product, HAYLOU RS4 Plus offers three color options: black, silver and gold. In terms of design, it has adopted a 1.78" AMOLED organic full screen with 368*448 resolution, professional tuned for more accurate color reproduction. Meanwhile, the super-sleek watch body is made from lightweight yet durable zinc alloy. What’s more, innovative magnetic strap can be quickly taken apart and is comfortable to wear, suitable for people worried about the belt buckle and hole size mismatch.


Thanks to the square screen design, HAYLOU RS4 Plus can display more information than a round screen watch of the same diameter. It also supports more than 100 customized watch faces, which can be changed at any time according to different scenarios, outfits and moods. In addition, users can also customize functions such as the display of time, weather, events and workout data according to their needs. HAYLOU RS4 Plus has gone through strict internal test. Its battery life can be up to 10 days in daily usage mode, and the basic usage mode lasts up to 28 days, greatly saving the trouble of bringing extra charging cable for business trip.


The design of "touch control screen and physical button" is user-friendly for those who love sports. Physical button operation is easy and convenient during strenuous and sweaty exercises. The watch also supports 105 workout modes, such as stretching, anaerobic training, outdoor cycling, aerobic training, Pilates, rower, treadmill, outdoor walking and so on. Built-in high-precision motion sensor can automatically record real-time workout data in different scenarios. In terms of health management, in addition to regular SpO₂ tracking, heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring, Haylou adds female menstrual cycle management. For first time use, users need to enter related information, then they get reminders for menstrual cycle and ovulation period in the watch interface, very friendly to female users.


With its stylish design and comprehensive technology functions, HAYLOU RS4 Plus is predicted to be the Dark Horse in the field of smart watches in 2022. It was officially launched on April 21, 2022 with RMB 299. Come and get them at official JD and Tmall stores.


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