Haylou: a new trendy brand that understands young people better
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Hayloua new trendy brand that understands young people better

In August 2021, the State Ministry of Commerce said at a press conference of the State Council Information Office that China has now become the second largest consumer goods market in the world after United States. With Generation Z, mainly people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, gradually becoming the main consumer force, many new consumer brands quickly find great opportunities in the market, which means that whoever attracts these 264 million young people will seize the future. As one of the most popular consumer electronics brands among the young, Haylou has gained wide popularity among Generation Z with its stylish and innovative design. Its sales and reputation have always ranked top in the industry.


Haylou provides products that understand young people best

Compared with their parents, the new consumers have earlier exposure to the Internet. They are very familiar with smart products such as mobile phones, TVs and earphones. Therefore, they have more requirements for the innovation of products. Through long-term observation and market research, Haylou finds that young people are not only concerned about product parameters, but also quality, style and safety performance. So Haylou adopts advanced and trendy design concepts for product development, creating unique and premium Bluetooth headsets and sports watches that appeals to the young.



Haylou has keenly found that individuality, uniqueness and understanding are the main demands of the new generation for smart products. So Haylou has developed different functions to meet the needs of different groups. For example, Haylou W1 earbuds with balanced armature and dynamic drivers that emphasize sound quality, Haylou X1 series that emphasizes noise cancellation, and Haylou MoriPods that emphasize comfort and appearance. It also take into account the integration of user personality and product recognition, such as the unique piano keys of X1 and W1, the matte and polishing surface of MoriPods, and the customized watch faces of the watch series. By providing high-quality products, Haylou meets the demands of young people for self-expression and stress relieving through earphones, and also increases its market share.


Helping young people quickly choose the products that really suit them

Haylou's products will go through a very professional, strict and complete TWS quality inspection process and repeated experience testing adjustments including adjustment of important parameters such as power supply and audio frequency, the layout precision testing of parts and components, and the comprehensive quantitative testing of products in terms of battery life, communication distance, functions, acoustics, etc. before being sent to users. Haylou believes that only under a strict quality control system can young users better and more easily enjoy the cool life brought by technology.

With more beautiful design, better quality and higher performance, Haylou meets young users' expectations for smart electronics, which greatly reduces the user's decision-making costs, allowing users to quickly and efficiently choose from a wide range of brands.


Resonate with young people

Haylou, a technology-based electronic trendy brand, is a cool partner for contemporary young people. This comes from Haylou's focus on communication with young people.

Understand them, proactively approach them, and provide corresponding products and services based on their interests. Haylou's director said that the more "personalized" and "characterized" it is, the more it can attract young consumers' attention.

Therefore, in January this year, Haylou launched a network-wide campaign "Replace your wired earphones" which drew great attention of the young. On January 24, Haylou also launched the new Haylou X1 Pro dual noise cancellation earbuds which stand out in the crowd. All these actions have further shorten the emotional distance between Haylou and young users, allowing Haylou to quickly enter their hearts.


Haylous stable and fast development contributes to its high quality products, innovative design and excellent customer service both domestically and internationally!

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