2021 Haylou Annual Key Words
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In recent years, driven by the upgrading of manufacturing industry and advanced technology, consumer electronic products are also developing with technological innovation, especially consumer products represented by "earphones" and "smart watches". Product iteration cycle is shortened and products are more diversified. The development of domestic consumer electronics market is promising under this situation. Haylou, as a global consumer electronics brand, has become one of the leaders through its "multi-series, multi-category, multi-field" layout, and has been recognized and awarded by international authorities.


Key word: wide

Haylou has launched 11 new products globally to optimize its market layout

In 2020, the population born in the 2000s reached 264 million, accounting for 19% of the total population. The Gen Z represented by the 2000s now has become the mainstream of consumer market. Stimulated by new consumer concepts, the young consumers also have more diversified consumer demands. Head of Haylou believes that the Gen Z focuses not only on product performance, but also on its stylish and fashionable design, which pushes the brand to meet diversified and actual needs of different consumers according to their usage habits.

In fact, some well-known domestic 3C electronic consumer brands such as Xiaomi, Edifier and Haylou have constantly innovated in product technology and functions in recent years, which not only promotes the progress of the product, but also allows young users to change their lives in a more intelligent and healthy way. Take Haylou as an example, it has made great innovations in TWS earphones and smart watches with its R&D strengths in the wide domestic market, and has successively launched 10 new products including MoriPods, Haylou W1 balanced armature and dynamic drivers earbuds, Haylou X1 earbuds, Haylou RT smart watch and Haylou GT7 earbuds. And it especially launches a smart body fat scale to accelerate its comprehensive market layout. 


Key word: Specialty

Expand to global market with hot style star products, winning various awards at home and abroad

In 2021, Haylou successfully made a strategy for brand growth. In April, it launched Haylou RS3 smart watch which won IAI Design Award, one of the most influential and prestigious design awards in the Asia-Pacific region, as soon as it was launched. Then Haylou launched Haylou W1 True Wireless earbuds in October, which won Japan’s VGP Award, known in the industry as the "Oscars of the audio-visual equipment". These two awards are the recognition of the industry and the market for Haylou’s exploration and innovation. And they also indicate the success of Haylou's brand strategy.

In addition, Haylou also has great performance in China. In June, Haylou was awarded as a "Contract-abiding and Trustworthy" enterprise of Guangdong Province for the third time, and in November, it was shortlisted for the Excellence Award from Electrend.net in smart watch industry. In December, it was ranked 184th among the TOP 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong for the second time.

The recognition of the overseas market and the industry has undoubtedly built a solid foundation for Haylou brand. Haylou is based on the preferences of young people in terms of product positioning, functions and design. Its emphasis on technological innovation and deep analysis of user needs help Haylou gain popularity in both domestic and overseas markets. Haylou has been on the sales lists of Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada and other platforms, and it has won Lazada annual awards for many times. All in all, Haylou is an excellent leader domestically and internationally for its rapid and stable development.


keyword: trendy

More vivid brand image with young users as consumer target

As 264 million Gen Z becoming the main consumers, almost all brands including Haylou, have started to target young people. Haylou also expands brand visibility and improves its market share through sponsoring domestic popular Variety Show, jointly creating an online music feast with Chinese famous singer He Jie. The famous Taiwanese singer E.So also endorses for Haylou RS3 smart watch.

Haylou has successfully expanded market in the young generation through effective marketing, innovative contents and emotional resonance. Its brand slogan is "Power in Self". Holding the values of "empowering and awakening", Haylou aims to inspire users to challenge themselves, explore their potential, release their true power and find a better self.

Haylou's parent company, Liesheng Technology, has also made an integration strategy of sales and research, actively expanding to overseas market. We strongly believe that Haylou will bring more products with high quality and innovative design to the consumers in the future, increasing its brand visibility and making smart products accessible to everyone.  


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