Ranking 184th! Liesheng Technology Made the Guangdong Smart Manufacturing List for the Second Time
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Recently, 2021 Guangdong Manufacturing Industry Development Annual Meeting and Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises Summit released the "2021 Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises Research Report". Huawei Investment Holdings, Zhengwei International Group, Midea Group and Liesheng Technology are on the list. Liesheng Technology, a global consumer electronics brand company, has been on the list for two consecutive years, ranking 184th, up 100 places compared to previous year.



This meeting is organized by Guangdong Manufacturing Association, Guangdong Development and Reform Institute and Jinan University Industrial Economics Research Institute with the theme of "Promoting High-Quality Development of Manufacturing Industry". The meeting proposed a new development pattern of "double cycle". Enterprises should adhere to Under the new development pattern of "double-cycle", enterprises should insist on reform development, innovative development and upgrading development, and continuously create new advantages for high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Guangdong. Being selected as one of the Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong means that the enterprise is the leader of Guangdong manufacturing industry and plays an important role in the development of the entire industry and industrial chain, and provides strong support for the thriving of China's smart manufacturing.


Looking back to 2021, Liesheng Technology took full advantages of smart manufacturing and facilitated smart transformation. It will continue to bring more intelligent and better products and services to the society through technological innovation and establishment of a new digital health ecology.



Liesheng Technology’s great emphasis on R&D and specific market strategy help move up the TOP 500 list. On one hand, Liesheng Technology continues to improve market layout in global market; On the other hand, it keeps exploring and innovating in the fields of consumer electronic, healthcare, IOT, and big data, establishing a more complete, diversified and mature pattern of development.


The award is a full recognition of Liesheng Technology’s comprehensive strength and contribution to the society. In the future, Liesheng Technology will continue to explore and innovate to make smart manufacturing accessible to everyone.

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