Liesheng Technology Views Technological Innovation as the Core Driver of Its Business
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In this era of rapid change, the Internet is constantly impacting traditional industries, and the change of new things is also speeding up. How to stand out in this competitive consumer electronic field or even become the leader of the industry? Liesheng Technology has given its own answer.


Since its establishment, Liesheng Technology has been dedicated to wireless audio and smart wearables while continuing to innovate and explore in the fields of consumer healthcare, IOT, and big data. Now Liesheng Technology has grown into a global consumer electronics brand enterprise, with business covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world, serving tens of millions of users.



Be Gen-Z's Favorite Trendy Brand


Gen-Z is the most energetic young consumer group willing to try and accept new things, and having independent views of aesthetic and consumption. Welly aware of Gen-Z's strong market orientation, Liesheng Technology has established its own brand-Haylou for young consumers.

"Power in Self" is its brand slogan. Embracing the mission of "Empowering every step with unrelenting energy through awakening your true self's power", Haylou has created a series of innovative, functional and trendy technology products, such as MoriPods, Haylou X1 and Haylou RS4 etc., quickly gaining popularity and reputation among young consumers and allowing the brand and consumers to grow together.


Redefine Intelligent Life


In addition to creating a more youthful corporate brand image, Liesheng Technology adheres to the development vision of "redefining intelligent life", and constantly explores to create more quality products for consumers. As a fast-growing and highly creative global enterprise, Liesheng always views technological innovation as the core driver of its business. It will continue to explore intelligent life scenarios and to improve everyone's life quality via data.


In addition to wireless audio and smart wearables, Liesheng Technology is also continuing to innovate and explore in the fields of consumer healthcare, IOT, and big data. Recently, Liesheng Technology, Chongqing Medical University and People's Government of Bishan District have signed a cooperation agreement of up to RMB 1 billion. Liesheng Technology will build Liesheng Southwest Headquarters Base in Chongqing Science City. The three parties will also jointly set up the Western New Health Management Research Institute for chronic disease big data research, chronic disease management AI algorithms and intelligent medical wearables, establish a cloud chronic disease management platform, promote related mature and listed scientific research results and product transformation applications, and realize chronic disease grading diagnosis and community family management, building a brand-new intelligent and healthy life for consumers.


Views Technological Innovation as the Core Driver of Its Business


Liesheng always views technological innovation as the core driver, and R&D investment ratio far exceeds the industry's average level. The company has a complete R&D system and the proportion of R&D personnel is up to 60% of its employees. It has established Dongguan R&D headquarter and Shenzhen R&D center. Compared with traditional manufacturing companies, Liesheng has not only great production ability, but also a full solution from hardware to software, truly realizing a complete closed loop from 0 to 1. It has more than 100 technical patents which help establish its own competitive advantages in the dynamic market.


In the future, Liesheng Technology will continue to improve everyone’s life quality via data. As the driver of healthy growth, its brand Haylou will also continue to committed to product innovation and quality in order to establish a new digital and intelligent health ecology.

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