Haylou X1 True Wireless Earbuds: Smart Dual Noise Cancellation, Rich and Pure Sound
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Haylou is a new trendy brand of Liesheng Technology, which includes wireless audio, smart wearables, IOT and other categories, and has tens of millions of users around the world. Its brand slogan is "Power in Self". Embracing the values of "Empowering, Awakening, Self-expression and Bravery", Haylou has created a series of stylish and funny technology products which are very popular among young Generation Z. Its new flagship ANC earbuds - Haylou X1 Dual Noise Cancellation Earbuds made its debut in this September. As a new comer of TWS earbuds, Haylou X1 has successfully made a splash in the market.



Haylou X1 supports Hybrid ANC technology, which can accurately capture noise and cancel it in reverse for clear calls. Noise cancellation depth is up to -35dB, allowing you to enjoy a world with less background noise when travelling or working.


Equipped with flagship BES Bluetooth 5.2 chip, Haylou X1 can provide low latency gaming mode with lower power consumption, allowing you to clearly hear the footsteps and always act before enemy. 



In terms of battery life, Haylou X1 can offer 30 hours of playback. The remaining power can be viewed conveniently in the Xiao Ai pop-up window, so you don’t need to worry about power problem wherever you go. With AAC audio codec, it can provide higher audio decoding rate and retain more beautiful music details, allowing you to immerse in the world of music. In addition, ergonomic design fits the ear canal snugly for more comfort and stability, giving you a customized and comfortable wearing experience.


Haylou X1 also supports wireless charging. Just put it down and let it power up. You can also charge it with your phone or tablet. What’s more, you can customize a variety of functions in daily use according to your own habit through Xiao Ai APP.

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