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Everyone believes that AirPods bring the industry of TWS earbuds to a stable stage. Who would have thought that AirPods2 would hit the market all of a sudden, giving a boost to the increasingly stable market of Bluetooth products.

Though were there no AirPods2, subterranean flow would be still turbulent behind the outside stability. In 2019 Hong Kong Electronic Fair & Global Sources Electronics, as we can see, most brands have reduced the price of TWS earbuds to around USD10 - USD12, which marks a price war is going on silently.   


Appearance of Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

After learning something behind the industry, some people may ask: with Bluetooth 5.0, waterproof and fairly good sound quality, how much would the the headset be at least? Today PConline will answer that with RMB99 Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth earbuds(referred as GT1).

GT1’s genre is nothing but like most fast consumables we can find in the market. We can easily tell what GT1 looks like when getting the package. The first thing that I can see is that the matte painting finish which delivers not only sound texture, but reliable durability.

Besides silicone eartips on the earbuds, there are two extra pairs of them lying in the package(totally three pairs). You can also find a micro-USB cable and user manual in the package. Considering the budget price, package contents are fair enough.


Let’s see the charging case first, the case is not big and thereby can be squashed into your pocket or waist pack. Open the case, it’s magnetic design inside. Such design can hold earbuds firmly inside and avoid them from falling down by accident.

Once earbuds are connected, they will auto power on and reconnect to your device whenever pick them up from the case – pick up to use. Push them back and they will auto power off. Such smart using experience can hardly be enjoed with regular wireless earphones.

With the cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, GT1 performs better in operation range, delay reduction, decoding and anti-interference of wireless signals. For a Bluetooth product released in 2019, it’s a mainstream to embed Bluetooth 5.0 chipset inside.

For design philosophy, GT1 values pressure-free. The shape of the earbud resembles a fat bean with streamlined figures, providing invisible wearing experience. Coupled with tilt-in design, you can achieve snug and stable wearing so as to offer pressure-free experience.   

Besides its bean-like aesthetics, another fact making GT1 easily to hide is the touching style. No button at all, simply touch control to score pressure-free. Touch to play/pause music, triple touch to activate voice assistant, double touch to answer incoming call, hold to ignore and double touch right/left earbud to skip track forward/backward.

IPX5 available means you can use GT1 in both gym and rainy outdoor.DSP technology helps to block part of noise to deliver crystal-clear calling with the headsets.

Haylou GT1 Trial and summary


Admittedly, Haylou GT1 is not bad in functions and appearance, but how is the sound quality?

Specifications say that GT1 is within 7.2mm driver with polymeric resin diaphragm. Taking the sound cavity into consideration, GT1’s sound performance should be a little bit mid-downward.

We test GT1 with pop, jazz and classic. Generally speaking, GT1 focuses on bass like other sport earphones, soft and warm while highs are some sort of decoration. You cannot feel any wide sound stage in it. I would rather recommend it to those EDM fans.

3 hours of playback at two-thirds volume is not too bad. However, with charging case, its battery life can be prolonged to 12 hours, which is enough for normal users.

As a budget TWS product, GT1 will be naturally compared with T1C. And it seems GT1 prevails the game a little bit. GT1 is with a smaller body, yet a bigger driver (GT1:7.2mm; T1C:6mm). GT1 performs better in bass with a magnetic carry case keeping earbuds inside securely.  

PConline Summary

At the level of RMB99, you can only choose some start-up wired earphones of top brands. As a member of Xiaomi ecological chain, Haylou presents GT1 whose genre is similar to that of some top players in the market. GT1 has Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, IPX5 waterproof and outstanding sound. All these features are thought to be prerequisites of future TWS earphones.  

With no doubt, GT1 is inviting for those hoping to try TWS products due to its budget price.

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